About Clinic

GHT Clinic is an advanced hair and skincare clinic. We are in the assistance of thousands of patients every year. Each of our services and treatments is modified to suit your needs. Every individual’s desire and needs are different and thus we assign treatments best suitable to your needed goals and priorities. We always keep results on high lead in all the methods we perform. Moreover, we use advanced techniques and machines to give the finest hair and skin treatments to our clients. We have a team of expert and practiced doctors. All our doctors are well trained and are highly skilled with an international way and training for their work. We have Eighteen years of experience in Hair Transplant and Skin treatments. This has given us the opportunity to create new treatment plans. It is a one-stop center for hair loss solutions and hair transplantation. We provide comprehensive solutions for hair and skin under one roof. We offer skin and hair consultation for clients with various hair loss concerns such as Baldness, Skin problems, Hairline transplant, Elite skin services etc.